Subject [구인] OAK + FORT WAREHOUSE에서 함께 근무하실 직원을 모집합니다
Name oakandfort Date 2020-05-07 오전 9:03
Email Phone 778-893-2667
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코튀틀람에 위치한 OAK + FORT WAREHOUSE에서 함께 근무하실 직원을 모집합니다.



근무시간 : 주 40시간

관심이 있으신 분은 이메일로 이력서와 연락처 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.


Since our inception in 2010, OAK+FORT has curated collections that reflect our design philosophies. OAK + FORT is a belief that fashion should be uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed. We are not distracted or fettered by trends. We will continue to provide attainable luxury to like- minded individuals.


As the Warehouse Associate, you will be assisting with all warehouse and e-commerce distribution duties from beginning to end. Working in a small team, you will be responsible for picking orders, shipping, receiving and/or
ensuring the follow-through for orders received from our E-Commerce management system.


· Assist in picking and counting for sales orders, inventory transfer and replenishment for all store locations

· Assist with all E-Commerce sales orders from beginning to end: receive sales orders from our E-Commerce management system, generate repeated invoices in our POS with precision and prepare and ship packages with courier services according to location of receipt

· Receive new product shipments and prepare all outgoing shipment for inter-company transfers

· Assist in the delivery and inventory replenishment to all local store locations when required

· Load and unload merchandise

· Participate in inventory/cycle count • Identify and implement best practices

· Perform other assigned duties


· Previous experience in a distribution centre or e-commerce environment

· Ability to lift and move up to 30 lbs /13.6 kgs

· Proven ability to collaborate and work cross-functionally

· Results-oriented and process driven, with high expectations of self and team

· Ability to multi-task and remain composed in a fast-paced environment

· Excellent problem-solving and organizational skills with a strong customer service orientation

· Experience with MS Excel and MS Word; Netsuite an asset

· Interest in e-commerce, marketing, fashion, retail and/or emerging technologies an asset


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