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We'relookingfor someone !
Name : Young Hee Yoo Korean Name : 유 영희
Christian Name : Teresa Date of birth(Year) : 10, 07 (1954)
the Place of birth : Jeon Buk Kim je-Si Baek gu-Myeon Buyong-Ri
Soo Ryong Gu Gy Village South Korea
Notes : My sister married with U.S. Army in the early 1970s. She lived well in U.S.A. for 10 years. However after she divorced
her husband, she returned to Korea for a while and went back to the U.S.A. And until 1996 she had sent several letters to us who're living in Korea. Since then we haven't
heard from her so far.
the her last address : Young Hi Salisburg
10505 E, Burnside #4
Portland, Oregon. 9722 U.S.A.
To ask for a favor : If you know the person above or know where she lives, Please contact the E-Mail address (y070513@naver.Com)
Now we are eager to know if our sister is alive or dead. So please contact us if you know about her again and again.
We'll never forget your kindness for helping us to find or know our sister.                           

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